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Standard Master Card

What is Standard MasterCard?

Standard masterStandard MasterCard is an international credit card intended for physical persons who are related to card account. "International" means that it is accepted in all the window, ATM and retail locations to which the Master pointed out the sign (logo) in the country and the world. "Credit" means that the cash in teller and ATM, pay for goods and services card, you can do to the amount of approved credit limit.

Standard MasterCard is a card based on the principle of revolving, which means that the money that you pay as monthly payment rate, along with the remaining unspent amount of the credit card is available for further use.


The advantages of using MasterCard.

  • Easy and fast credit
  • On the account you reserve a specific means that you can spend when you need
  • Release is carrying cash
  • Pay for goods and services in the country and abroad with no commission
  • Cash at ATMs in the country and abroad
  • All charges by credit card that you make, converted in the exchange rate of KM MasterCard on the day of debit

Conditions for obtaining credit card

  • To you older than 18. and possess ID
  • To have a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Submit Request for issuing payment card to the Bank in any of its branches
  • Submit Employment Certificate stating the level of his salary and one of the two following types of collateral
    • Decision on administrative ban on personal income, used in case liabilities towards Pavlovic International Bank are not met by the customer or 
    • Deposit that covers 100% of credit limit 
  • Submit a photocopy of ID and present original ID to bank's official
  • Make a minimal deposit which will be held in a special account, and which will be returned to the customer, after repaying the debt, in case the customer decides to stop using the card. This deposit will yield interest according to the bank's Decisions on interest rates policy 
  • Provide two Guarantors with full time jobs including Employment Certificates stating the level of salaries and Decisions on administrative ban on personal income for both guarantors (used in case the liabilities towards the bank are not met by the customer). Guarantor can also be a company that employs the customer (applicant for the credit card).
  • Sign a Contract on using the credit card, Contract on term pledge deposit , draft signed by the customer and guarantors and Pledge Contract signed by Guarantors

Terms of Use Standard MasterCard

  • Standard MasterCard can be used worldwide for cash withdrawals at all counters of the bank or ATMs, as well as on sale points, marked with MasterCard logo.
  • Standard MasterCard  can be used until expiry date after which the new card with new expiry date is issued, providing that the customer has met his or her obligations towards the bank and and has not required cancellation of the card.
  • Standard MasterCard can not be transferred to other persons and it can not be used as collateral.
  • During cash withdrawals at ATMs, the customer is required to enter his or her PIN number. PIN number is considered as the customer's signature. 
  • The user of Standard MasterCard is responsible for the correct use of additional cards issued on the basis of original card.
  • In case of loss of theft of the card, the customer is obligated to inform the Customer Service, using telephone number at the back of the card with purpose of blocking the card and preventing its misuse.   

Fees and commissions


Annual  Standard MasterCard membership fee 

30,00 KM

Annual  Standard MasterCard  fee for additional card 

15,00 KM

Regular interest rate on an annual basis


15,00 %

For regular reconciliation obligations to the Bank interest rate on an annual basis


13,50 %

Interest on interest rate on an annual basis


22,50 %

Delivery of a credit card terminals


3,50 KM

The fee for the purchase of POS-terminals in the country and the world



At ATMs and teller Pavlović International Bank, Bobar Banka and Nove Banka

1 % of the amount

At ATMs and teller of other banks in the country and the world


1,5 % of the amount


Useful advices

  • do not keep the card on a visible place
  • do not give the card to anyone
  • never keep the PIN number and the card at the same place
  • it would be best to remember the PIN number or write it down somewhere safe and destroy the envelope with PIN number
  • do not write down the PIN number on the card and do not reveal it to anyone
  • do not give your personal information and card information to strangers, specially over the Internet
  • when making payments with the card, pay attention to the following:
    • seller should not put the card away from your sight
    • seller should not see your PIN number when you type it
    • do not sign the empty slip
    • seller should cancel the slip before you sign a new one
    • check the amount on the slip before signing the slip
  • keep your slips for comparison with Statement of the Account
  • immediately report to the bank any errors on the Statement of the Account
  • if Statement of the Account is accurate, destroy it since it contains data about your card
  • return the expired cards to the bank
  • use ATMs that are positioned in busy places with enough light
  • do not let other people see your PIN number when you type it in ATM
  • do not count the money in front of the AT



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