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Loans based on deposits 1:2

This type of loan they can get customers who have deposits with the Bank 1:2, and the amount of the loan can be two times the deposit. Pavlovic International Bank offers its clients the opportunity Changing of many parameters related to the loan such as loan purpose, amount, repayment period etc.. under the following conditions:


  • for all kinds of purpose

Amont of the loan:  

  • two times greater than the amount of deposits

Repayment Period: 

  • by customer request

Method of repayment: 

  • in equal monthly annuities

Nominal interest rate on loan:  

  • 4%

Interest rate on depisit:   

  • N/A

Effective interest rate on loan:  

  • 4,23%

Instrument to ensure:

  • time deposits in the period of use of credit and collateral on the part of loan that is not covered by deposit

For further information, please contact our credit department at the number +387 55 232 320



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