Mr. Pavlovic was born in 1938. in village Popovi near Bijeljina. Form Skopje, he moved to USA in 1965. He has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and he has graduated from School for Management and Real Estate in Chicago. In 1975, he was declared the most successful trader in real estate.

Mrs. Pavlovic was born in village Saikas in Vojvodina (Serbia). On June 26th 1964 she moved to Chicago, where she graduated from college for real estate and business. Mrs. Pavlovic is a founder and an owner of several successful companies, among which is HillCrest Realty (USA), a company that financed the construction of the bridge across the Drina river.

Mr. and Mrs. Pavlovic are founders of the following companies in BiH and Serbia-Montenegro:

- Drina River Bridge Company
- Slobomir Company - in charge for development of Slobomir City
- Slobomir P University

Mr. and Mrs. Pavlovic own equity shared in the following companies: - - Zitopromet-Bijeljina,
- IBD Brick Factory Brčko,

Mr. Pavlovic is the proud bearer of St. Sava Medal of the First Order.



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